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978 1 904941 00 2The World Court of JusticeFirstThe Alternative to Wars, Terrorism and PoliticsWCJDetails
The global violence which ushered in the Third Millennium poses the question: "Can Mankind ever live in peace?"
This book identifies the root of the problem and provides the blueprint for a peaceful world.
This book contains documents and articles relating to the World Court of Justice - a supranational institution set up to provide global solutions to the fragmented world.
978 1 904941 07 1Men, Animals and Life-StylesSecondInsights into Modern Life-Styles and their Effects on Human LifeShams AliDetails
From the basics of Human Reproduction to the modern and traditional life-styles, this book asks and answers questions others have not dared not only to answer, but even to ask.
978 1 904941 08 8Religion, Morality and GovernmentSecondInsights into the Sources of the Modern Morality and ImmoralityShams AliDetails
The 21st century began with an orgy of slaughter and bloodshed justified by religion and ideologies.
This book examines from prime principles the 3 Abrahamic religions at the centre of this orgy of violence as well as the relationships between religion, morality, politics and government and seeks to dispell some common myths about religion in general and Islam in particular in the context of the current confusion and violence.
978 1 904941 09 5War, Terror and the Way to PeaceSecondInsights into the Sources of the Global Violence of the Third MillenniumShams AliDetails
Proclamation by George W. Bush of the War on Terror following the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on the 11th of September 2001, has unleashed an orgy of escalating global violence. This book looks at the philosophy underlying the War on Terror and the issues involved in the various aspects of the conduct of that war.
978 1 904941 10 1The Mysteries of the Middle East ConflictSecondWhy the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Remains Unresolved and How to Resolve ItShams AliDetails
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been smoldering for over 50 years and the current War on Terror is a spill-over of that conflict to the rest of the world.
This book looks at the attempts to resolve this conflict by world's politicians from a non-political stand-point and shows that the reason for failure to resolve this conflict is due to nothing else but politics and its modern embodiment - democracy.
978 1 904941 11 8Dialogues with BlairSecondIssues in Blair Politics of 2002-2007Shams AliDetails
Tony Blair became British Prime Minister in 1997, having displaced the then Conservative government of John Major.
In the first term the Blair government had a broad popular support, but in 2007 he resigned, and is seen by many as the most disastrous prime minister in British History, while others admire his brazenness and political skills.
And at the time of the publication of this book, the Blair successors are struggling with the Blair Legacy - the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the loss of public trust in the British Government as an institution, and what a British top military called 'the Moral Vacuum'.
This book considers the various issues which contributed to the loss of popular trust in the Blair leadership from the non-political stand-point of "right and wrong and true and false".
978 1 904941 12 5Government without PoliticsSecondThe Difference between Government and PoliticsShams AliDetails
The words "government" and "politicians" are used interchangeably most of the time today. This is because for most people today "government" means "politics" and "politics" means "government". Most people just cannot tell the difference between the two.
But are "politics" and "government" the same thing?
What are all those "isms", by which politicians justify their "powers"?
How do "politicians" justify their actions and who "owns" politicians?
What is "Democracy" and is the "World Government" an "ideal" or a painful necessity?
Can people trust politicians and can they trust government?
This book asks and answers these and other questions relating to "government" and "politics".

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