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Photo of the bookTitle:The Mysteries of the Middle East Conflict
Subtitle:Why the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Remains Unresolved and How to Resolve It
Author:Shams Ali
Cover Type:Paperback
Book Size:Width: 135 mm, Height: 200 mm, Thickness: 12 mm, Weight: 250 grams
Number of Pages:Front matter: 12
Main text: 204
Back matter: 15
Total: 231
Publication Date:November 2007
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View preface, table of contents, one chapter and index in pdf formatThe Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been smoldering for over 50 years and the current War on Terror is a spill-over of that conflict to the rest of the world.
This book looks at the attempts to resolve this conflict by world's politicians from a non-political stand-point and shows that the reason for failure to resolve this conflict is due to nothing else but politics and its modern embodiment - democracy.
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