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Photo of the bookTitle:Religion, Morality and Government
Subtitle:Insights into the Sources of the Modern Morality and Immorality
Author:Shams Ali
Cover Type:Paperback
Book Size:Width: 135 mm, Height: 200 mm, Thickness: 13 mm, Weight: 250 grams
Number of Pages:Front matter: 12
Main text: 178
Index: 41
Total: 231
Publication Date:November 2007
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View preface, table of contents, one chapter and index in pdf formatThe 21st century began with an orgy of slaughter and bloodshed justified by religion and ideologies.
This book examines from prime principles the 3 Abrahamic religions at the centre of this orgy of violence as well as the relationships between religion, morality, politics and government and seeks to dispell some common myths about religion in general and Islam in particular in the context of the current confusion and violence.
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